SpaceX, The Curious Culture & The Marketers

SpaceX, The Curious Culture & The Marketers

So SpaceX landed last Friday – on a floating droneship. Ladies and gentlemen these are stuff that we can only read in sci-fi stories before. When man first stepped on the moon, it was “one giant leap for mankind”. With what SpaceX did, the narrative is now “one step closer to the stars.” Yes, we live in very exciting times right now, though I still look forward to the flying cars which I first saw on The Jetsons.

I want to talk about how the conversation brought about by a curious culture that placed SpaceX where it is now, not on a landing pad but in a spotlight that makes it the hottest talk of the town as I write.

We are talking about questions such as:

“Will the SpaceX be successful?”
“How in the world will they do that?”
“Is this your first time so witness space exploration programs?”
“How much money was spent?”

And these are all questions asked by the curious culture, and they need answers, and for answers to be achieved, conversations need to happen and where do digital marketers fall in this agenda?

More than the technological milestone that was achieved, the growing interest of people to be part of the SpaceX program is already considered a “closed deal” regarding selling tickets to the first space tourism for the masses. And this is our objective as digital marketers, and as content creators, this is the same interest that we need to drive on the grassroots level to achieve relevance, dominance and thought leadership.

Imagine SpaceX as a brand, as a product; the idea is; will you be able to create that much conversation based on your product? If not then you have a product that people are already used to, there is nothing new about what you are doing. But the element of fresh content can make existing products look like “new” although not to the level of a space capsule but just enough to put the spotlight on the fresh content (not on the product) but on the content that you have created so that people will talk about your product.

This is the essence of content strategy. It’s a race to fresh content, relevance commands influence. Influence over the right target audience is king.

What are the questions that are being asked about your brand? Or is it quiet from where you are?

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