Start by Leveraging on Content

Start by Leveraging on Content

I have always been a designer by heart; I design solutions from my younger days as an engineering student I was already designing a way out of an engineer’s life. I was clueless about what’s going to happen to me in the future.

And everyone else in my circle decided to take the certain step, look for a job and become better professionals and earn their wages.

I am quite sure I am not like everyone else, so while figuring things on my own, I put up a band. It was years before the Pinoy Alternative revolution took place, I was already writing songs that talk about hatred, passion & rebellion. It was not an easy thing to do to wake up every morning knowing you don’t have a job. That’s the greatest struggle.

But it was during these years of playing music that I realized I can be creative with whatever I have in my hand.

And so I started creating things, and the rest were history!

Today I want to talk about content.

In the digital age, there is a constant need to be heard. More so in the business sphere, whatever you are selling or providing, you need to create digital content if you want to be heard.

It can either be in the form of a blog, or social media or the most modern approach though it is still in its early stage.. You need to have a video.

“A substantial number of buyers this year (86%) expressed some level of desire to
access interactive/visual content on demand, and the number of buyers who
strongly agreed with these sentiments increased from 34% in last year’s survey to 46% in 2014.”
2014 Content Preferences Survey


This is how customers are turning to video to consume content.

There’s no excuse if you plan to embark on a business you need to spend some time planning your content. People are tired of reading brochures, scrolling through websites; they want something that they can connect with. In the same way that when you start any venture, you look for other forms of media you can connect with.

So the question is, what should prevent you from leveraging on content?

I want to leave you with a few steps you can take to start your own venture.

  1. Expose yourself to relevant content (whatever your field is, keep reading blogs, watching videos. Believe me it will open up tons of inspirations and opportunity for you.
  2. Learn from these content. (Start to take notes, the greatest idea will remain an idea unless acted upon, and the first step of acting upon an idea is writing it down)
  3. Build your own content (This is where you develop your skill, where you put to practice everything you have learned.
  4. Share your content (Finally, there are tons waiting to start their own journey as well, don’t keep that content to yourself.

Our friends at the Guerilla Agency wrote an extensive piece on where you can bring your content creation in the digital marketing space by aligning it to the trends in 2021. Read it here!

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”
-Pablo Picasso

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