Storytelling is not about selling

Storytelling is not about selling

Is there any other way to make your target customers buy from you other than “selling it to them”?

Traditional selling requires a mathematical, calculated and much less human approach to achieve your target sales.

But either we accept it or not, the tides have changed. Most sales training and advice are usually based on a fundamental concept that the sellers are in control – not anymore! In the previous years, there has been a shift in power from the seller to the buyer.

More than the question of how you move out from the traditional selling concept is how do you communicate your brand without forcing a product or a service to your audience?

A lot of brands like Salesforce and Google are making us listen, be it in showing how a certain product enhances the human experience or weaving narratives around success stories – these are all told in the form of stories.

Yes, stories make people listen.

And there a lot of ways you can form conversations (through storytelling). You talk to your audience through their stories. Therefore, relationships are formed, trust is built and in the most unexpected way – people will buy from you.

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