F&B Videos: Telling Stories Behind Great Tasting Cuisines

F&B Videos: Telling Stories Behind Great Tasting Cuisines

“ Many food businesses start out well, but tend to flounder after a few months when the initial hype fades. That’s when they start to panic and spend heaps of money in a marketing blitz, usually too little and too late. Your cafe’s business plan should cover marketing strategy and you should be looking at generating some publicity from the get-go! “Young Upstarts

Like any other form of entrepreneurship, people who venture into F&B are not spared from the same set of challenges that most of us face. And imagine it happening on a daily basis – it sure is a great feat to stay competitive and meeting your customer’s needs.

But how is one cafe different from the other?

Our company is in the business of telling stories, and recently we have done quite a number of F&B videos (brand stories). But unlike your usual video, we try to not focus too much on what they have to offer because we believe the most authentic way to give justice to all things food is to actually taste and enjoy it yourself.

What we want to do for them is to capture the ambiance inside the moment you step into their cozy cafes

We want to find out the inspiring start up story. The friendship that moves them to setup their own business, the experience in studying overseas, the desire to promote local culture.

These are the stories that we love telling through videos. And the experience of meeting the people behind these cozy cafe’s adds up to their unique ways of delivering quality cuisines that are both affordable and enjoyable.

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