There is a great reason to be concerned about the title of this blog post, one of them is that the confusion resulting from the value and goal of writing a content on this topic. But yes, you are reading it right, this is a blog post (digital) that talks about shifting from traditional marketing (print, radio, television) to digital marketing (inbound, social media, content).

It’s meant to push an event that we will be having in Cebu, Philippines next month and we are quite excited to bring these insights back home and probably help brands build their value and audience through a digital approach. writes; “the Philippines stand among the frontline digital economies in the region. With over 33 million users, the country is the second highest ranking in Southeast Asia and the 6th in the whole of Asia in terms of Internet users” according to the Asia Digital Marketing Association (ADMA) and the Internet World statistics.” and according to Julian Persaud, Google’s Managing Director in Southeast Asia; “the Philippines has a very substantial digital marketing ecosystem that is set to grow exponentially to twice its size now by the year 2016”

The ecosystem will exponentially grow, but there is still a considerable size of brands in the Philippines who’s mindset is to have a full page print in the daily newspaper, live radio guesting and with Television and its personalities still drawing huge followers, it is still worth getting TV air time even though it is insanely expensive.

Why do you need to shift to digital?

Plain and simple, if you have not yet shifted, you will soon, if not now then be ready for the challenges ahead in adapting to digital trends. (Again, I’m talking to our friends in the Philippines who may still have traditional marketing).

This masterclass was birthed when the founder of, Ms. Tina Amper visited Singapore to touch base with local entrepreneurs here and give an update on the startup ecosystem in the Philippines. I met her on that same day, and our short chat evolved into ideas to collaborate between Frame 316 and Geeks on a Beach. And so here we are, we are flying to Cebu to conduct a masterclass that aims to equip business people to take their first step towards a content-centric digital approach, and we hope to add value to the advertising community by providing a practical approach to making the shift a walk in the park.


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