The Story Behind Brand Storytelling, How Is It Done?

The Story Behind Brand Storytelling, How Is It Done?

If there is anyone that has been an advocate of using stories to influence your target audience to act and do something for your brand – that will be us.

But how is it done? Is it something that any ordinary entrepreneur can do?


We believe in the power of the authentic human voice, and regardless if you are a brand, a solo-preneur, or a huge company; we believe that you can tell a story.

How do you do it?

You start from WHY your customer would care about what you do. The problem with most brands is that they start from what they do, and they linger with why they are better from competitors, and they justify it going back to explaining what they do.

And that doesn’t work, that doesn’t help anyone.

You are just making it hard for your sales people to make a case for your product in front of your potential customers.

Here are a few examples of how you can tell your story.

Instead of saying you are the best brand in the market, why not say with full honesty where you are in the market and what makes you passionate about working towards a better product for a better customer experience?

Instead of saying customers save money when they buy from you and not from your competitor, why not say how your customers can do more with the money that they can save, bring their kid to the movies, buy gifts for their parents?

Instead of saying you have perfected the process, why not say you have found better opportunities with you are doing as a company?

It’s just a matter of setting the spotlight away from you and just focusing the lens on your audience.

That is the basic story behind brand storytelling that works.

Talk less about yourself and you end up talking more about how you are providing value to your audience.

Remember the famous saying; “Give and take?”, it’s about time you stick to giving FIRST and let the “taking” part take its course.

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