If You are UNDER 500 SUBSCRIBERS, Do This Now!


If you are new to YouTube and you are under 500 subscribers, do this now and see how your channel will grow. There is no secret recipe, get rich schemes on creating the one video you need if you have less than 500 subscribers. It takes hard work and consistency. 

Everyone needs to start somewhere! Are you getting frustrated that you have very few subscribers on your channel? Do you wake up one day thinking, I should stop doing videos on YouTube and just sit on my couch and watch Netflix? Life is unfair!

Well, it’s not – Wanna know why? 

So you decided to start a YouTube channel, and you were all fired up and excited, so you uploaded your first few videos. Then things happen, you stopped for a couple of weeks and then back to uploading again.

After a few months, you check the sad state of your YouTube analytics, and you have less than 500 subscribers.

First thing’s first, that is way better than a large group of people on YouTube.

But what is that one video that you need if you have less than 500 subscribers?

I’m going to break down a simple formula that you can use on your next video to start seeing your channel grow.

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About this video: Robert shares Youtube ideas for beginners that will teach you how to get more subscribers on YouTube. Make sure to add this to your YouTube growth strategy and slowly start to see how your channel grows. Watch how to use the right set of keywords here: http://tiny.cc/j5omsz

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