“Video marketing is not a new subject for healthcare, but many have yet to upgrade their strategies for a more affluent patient. You do not have much time, by 2014 3D and HD internet video will make up 46% of internet traffic. “ – Get Referral MD

What comes in an entrepreneur’s mind when they hear the word “video”?

One of the perks that the creative industry gives is the opportunity to meet and interact with businessmen from all walks of life. We have always been an advocate of the use of compelling media to engage our target audience.

The concept design process involved is sometimes more important than the actual production, the tendency for most video content producers is to go for the easier route which is to shoot as much as you can and figure things out on post.

But it is easier said than done.

Dentistry With A Human Touch

We recently did a story for a clinic in Marine Parade which offers a comprehensive range of dental services, for everyone in the family, from the young to the old. Making dentistry accessible and affordable for everyone and having a clinic ambience set to ensure patients feel relaxed throughout their visit.

How did we come up with their story?

It all started when we first met Dr. Chye who is the clinic director, the way he deals with people around him is generally reflected in his personality. So we started designing the questions for him and really tried to bring into surface the beauty of providing dental care services without losing touch of one of the very basic needs of any human being – to be cared for.

And in a few hours spent inside their clinic – we were convinced that “caring for people” is one thing that is constantly felt and given by them to everyone who steps into their clinic. It doesn’t matter if you are a patient who requires tooth extraction or just a bunch of creatives who are out to do a story.

Check them out!


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