Video Marketing and 3 Reasons Why You Should Not Do It!

Video Marketing and 3 Reasons Why You Should Not Do It!

Video marketing is evolving into dimensions bigger than we ever imagined. It speaks volume for the message you want to convey. What will take you a week of social media captions will only take you 30 seconds of video snippets. It’s engaging, it’s provocative, it’s new media.

So why should you not do video marketing?

  1. You live in the ancient world, and you believe that video is a work of sorceryYou shun the idea of a moving object in front of you. And you believe that anything in motion is a work of sorcery so you stay away from videos as much as you can.
  2. You are not convinced of the power of mobile computingYou just carry your mobile phone in your pocket, and you hardly do anything with it. Other than to check what time is it. You don’t believe that mobile computing is powerful enough to send your message across.
  3. You hate watching videos.You are easily annoyed with videos. You would rather stare at a blank wall for hours than watch a video. Your eureka moment is equal to a lizard appearing out of nowhere while you stare at an empty wall. And for you, watching videos is punishment enough and a result of this world’s cruelty to humankind.

Did you fall into any of these three categories? You don’t need video marketing for your business. Otherwise, you should start thinking of using video to communicate your brand. It should be one of your main marketing strategies.

So what are your options if you plan to roll this out soon?

  1. Think of your niche area and write topics around it.You need to dominate one specific knowledge space. Own it and become the authority in that space. This should be something that is so comfortable for you that you can talk about this in your sleep.
  2. Decide on the execution; if you have a budget outsource it.Once you know the topics that you will talk about on your video. It does not necessarily mean that you are also a good storyteller, there a lot of options for you out there. Not all entrepreneurs are good storytellers, but most storytellers are entrepreneurial. Find one that suits your need and start investing in them.
  3. Plan ahead, document your strategy and start engaging with your audience.Like any other marketing strategy, you need to document this. So that you can always measure your success and fine tune the challenging aspects.

This article will help you start on the right track.

And if you think you don’t have enough budget? There is a way to work around it.

You can even create video content in half a day. Find out more here.

Reach out to us if you want to find out more about using stories in your video.

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