In the content marketing agenda, it has been a norm to talk about the role of marketers in coming up with a compelling proposition. Enough to drive an almost one-sided conversation that storytelling is better left to the marketers. We seem to have that scary idea that those who are in charge of lead generation and inbound activities are the only storytellers in the room.

If you are from the sales team, it’s time to stand up!

Yes, this piece is for you. You who has the greatest burden of closing a deal, of making clients sign retainer agreements. You have been stuck at the end of the business funnel for quite some time now. It’s time to tell your story.

Why are you in a better position to tell your brand’s story?

Practically, if we are talking about warfare; you are on the front lines. You are the access point to potential clients; you are the face of your brand. And if you would just depend on what your marketing team is doing on the back end. Then you are missing the whole point of getting the much-needed revenue for your company.

Why now?

Because tomorrow would be too late! On your next sales meeting, make sure you have done your research about the behavior of your buyer, what would make them tick? What would make them crave for your product? And on the other extreme side of it what would make them turn their back on you.

This is advanced warfare my friend; you would not want to get into the same room with your client unprepared.

I have prepared a checklist that can guide you in the process. Make sure you have everything filled-in somewhere in your brain. Turn your brain into a swiss knife where you just take out whatever you need when you need it.

  1. How do you start the conversation?
  2. Find out a way to squeeze in one important detail that you found out about your potential client that would convince them that you have done your homework before the meeting.
  3. Complement your client’s brand.
  4. Ask question.
  5. Start serving your potential client, treat them as if you have already closed the deal.
  6. Express your gratitude that they took the time to meet with you.
  7. Leave with a strong call to action. Ask for a follow-up call, make them commit to giving more feedback to you in the future. Just make sure you would keep an ongoing conversation with them.

Don’t be afraid of the marketer in your team; you are not taking his job away from him. You are merely doing your role in a more compelling way.

Tell stories. Don’t sell.


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