Why You Don’t Need a Corporate Video

Corporate Video

I mentioned in a previous post that I am writing a blog on this subject, so yes! You heard it right. Coming from the very mouth (or keyboard strokes) of a video producer. But let me boil down to my main point in a while. First, let me ask you this one thing. “Why do you think you need a corporate video?”

Our clients would have varying answers to this question.

They could range from the typical “we want to promote what our department has been doing for the past 10 years” and the intern level conversation “we need an AVP for our dinner event that would showcase our achievements” to the most absurd one “we thought of creating a video that will show our boss on it, he would be happy.”

Ok stop scratching your head, I might be going a little exaggerated on the last point, but still, most clients want a video just because they need to play a video.

If that is your reason, then why in the world would you spend tons of cash on a project that would take up months of “creative” effort from your vendor and “project management” effort on your side?

That is the very reason you don’t need a corporate video!

What you need is content, I always tell my peers; “video is cheap, content is expensive.” And that is true in a sense. Content takes time to conceive from strategy to output. You don’t just pull together cliche’ visuals with corporate voice overs and expect results. It takes more than a video to communicate a message.

You need an ongoing conversation with your audience and what better way to do that than by producing good content that they can consume.

I have written ideas on how you can come up with your video content here and you would find it very useful especially if you are on a tight budget, and you don’t know where to start. It just takes a little effort from your side and probably, at least, a smartphone with a high-resolution camera.

What matters most is the story that you need to send across through the video content you are creating.

You don’t need a corporate video; you need to tell a story!


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