YouTube Copyright Claims VS Copyright Strike Explained

YouTube Copyright Claims VS Copyright Strike Explained

YouTube Copyright Claims VS Copyright Strike, how worried should be when you get either of these two? How does Content ID work?

As a YouTube content creator, you need to be mindful of the content that you used, in this video, you will learn the difference between a copyright strike and a copyright claim. What do you need to do to avoid this and what does it mean to get a claim or a strike? Should you delete your video?

YouTube Copyright Claims VS Copyright Strike Explained

Check out this short video and understand what it takes to get flagged and what you need to do especially if you are just starting out on your YouTube journey.

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About this video: Robert explains the difference between copyright claims and copyright strikes. You will understand what is a copyright claim and what is a copyright strike by watching this episode. Find out how you can avoid copyright claims and strikes on your next video episodes.


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