YouTube Subscriber Count Not Updating

YouTube Subscriber Count Not Updating

Is your YouTube subscriber count not updating? Are you looking for a way to fix your frozen subscriber count? But is there a way to fix subscriber count on YouTube?

What did YouTube do on their algorithm and what is the abbreviated subscriber count? Would it benefit creators or not? If your subscriber count is stuck, watch this video to find out why this is happening.

It’s been almost a year since YouTube introduced what they called “Abbreviated subscriber count.” Basically, this means that you can no longer see the exact amount of subscribers on your public view page.

YouTube did not give a specific reason why they did this, but by reading the support page – this is what they have to say.

“Beyond creating more consistency, ​this addresses creator concerns about ​stress and ​wellbeing, specifically around tracking public subscriber counts in real-time.​ ​We hope this helps all creators focus on telling their story, and​ experience less pressure​ about the numbers.”

This was rolled out in September of 2019, but a lot of new content creators might not be aware of this, so I’m going to explain how this works.

If you have less than 1,000 subscribers, your public count updates every one additional subscriber, if you have more than 100,000 subscribers, your public view count will update every 1,000 subscribers that will be added.

Watch the breakdown of how your youtube subscriber count updates in this episode.

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About this video: Robert explained the reason why creators are constantly seeing their YouTube subscriber count not updating. Find out snippets of how Google made a drastic change in this feature.

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