YouTube Thumbnail Best Practices for Beginners

YouTube Thumbnail Best Practices for Beginners

YouTube Thumbnail Best practices for beginners revealed and learn how I design my YouTube thumbnail in this video.

If you are looking for a quick and easy YouTube thumbnail tutorial and how to make a thumbnail in Photoshop, then this video is just the right episode for you to watch. You need not struggle in learning how to make thumbnails for your YouTube video, this video is packed with tutorials and tips on how to make your next thumbnail creative and engaging.

Do you want to know how I design my YouTube thumbnails?

First, let’s talk about how thumbnails are very important in growing your YouTube channel. I talked about this as part of my previous episode, so make sure to watch that video.

Remember, YouTube is a visual platform, so it is important to make your thumbnails as engaging as possible while also using it to tell your potential viewers what they can expect from your video.

YouTube Thumbnail Best Practices for Beginners

How it works is that viewers look at your thumbnails first before reading your title. That is the amount of time you have to get their attention.

It is also important to understand how people can find your video on YouTube.

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About this video: Robert will share how to remove background in making custom thumbnails on YouTube. You will also learn the best practices for beginners.

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