Youtube Video Length Best Practices (How Long Should Your Videos Be?)


What are the YouTube Video Length Best Practices and how long should your videos be? Is there a way to determine the best video length for YouTube videos?

YouTube content creators won’t stop asking these questions; should I do longer videos or should I do shorter videos? And how does this impact your channel performance?

Follow these simple YouTube Video Length Best Practices and plan the best video length to get more views on your channel.

Will a longer video receive more exposure than your 2-minute episodes? 

But how does the YouTube search and discovery system look at the length of your videos? 

YouTube’s search and discovery system are in place so that individual viewers can find what they want to watch – easily.

So you have two things to keep in mind, YouTube will deliver videos that viewers will find interesting to watch, and useful, entertaining, helpful, and satisfying after watching.

People are searching with intent – they are not here for some random reason. Once a user types a question on the search text box, they need to find an answer. The video that is successful enough to answer this question at the right amount of time gets ranked.

You might probably say that longer videos are better because viewers will find this more entertaining and useful. But what about music videos and short comedy skits that have millions and billions of viewers?


This just proves that your video’s length is not necessarily a definite game-changer in terms of what you can accomplish on YouTube.

Learn how you can rank your videos fast:

About this video: In this video, Robert explains whether the YouTube algorithm ranks videos based on their duration. Find out how this information can help you strategise on your next video.

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