YouTube View Count not Updating [FIXED!!]


Youtube view count not updating? Here’s a cool Youtube hack for the small YouTuber. 

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You are probably not aware of this but this is something that most content creators are trying to solve. Find out the quick fix in this short episode and re-visit your YouTube analytics to check if it is actually updating the view count. One of the content creator hacks that you need to learn is making sure to fix frozen YouTube view count. This usually happens for older videos, and there are times that the technique shared here won’t work on your channel immediately, just give it a couple of hours and your Youtube views will update.

Woke up one day and realized your Youtube view count not updating?

The most important thing to learn about this is that watch time matters more than views. So make sure to align your Youtube strategy to getting watch time and not just views. We understand the challenge of producing videos, we can help you!

At the end of the day, it starts with learning how to start creating better content. You can watch our series here:

Youtube for starter can really be challenging, we know it, we’ve been there and we are still trying to evolve obviously. There are many things to learn. And keep in mind Youtube users are still growing by the numbers.

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Let me know in the comment section if you are facing this same problem and if you were able to solve it.

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